Rivers flow rampant,
but their flow just don't matter,
in static snapshots

Update (11-11-2015): Now running Ghost.io!

Now I remember why I always ended up shutting down my previous blogs. Plenty of teenage angst remaining, but not enough time or motivation to complain about it on the internet.

I took a while to get my wintersmith build set up properly. I'm still not very familiar with node.js or jade, even though I promised myself I'd get to learn both 3 years ago, but I'm really liking the new influx of static site generators. Certainly not for the Wordpress/Tumblr/Movable Type audiences, but I think frameworks like wintersmith provide both the automation of your more standard dynamic page generators and the flexibility of hand-coded pages.

I think there's a growing distinction now between generating sites for the web and publishing content for the web. With all forms of media moving to the web, it seems like the production of well-crafted and novel content easily trumps ease of use on the publishers' side. Maybe I've completely missed this so far, but why hasn't there been a web-based version of Microsoft Publisher geared towards designers to produce hand-crafted web pages?

More inane content to come. I realized that I've yet to put my thoughts about 3D-printing, grad school, and standing desks completely online, so get excited!