robots, bacon, and snark

these are a few of my favorite things

18 July 2019

Good Enough.

What once seemed lacking,
Met tempered expectations.
Arrived all the same.

11 June 2018

The Constraints of Zero-ing and Leveling

We've all but lost touch.
How do we stick together?
Small drifts become waves.

11 September 2017

Broke my arm - a robotics story

Cartesian motion,
Many maps and many paths.
Joints still take the wheel

11 September 2017

Broke my arm - a healthcare story

A doctor once said,
You clearly don't half-ass things.
Your arm's broke as shit

06 August 2017

FDM, What is it (actually) good for?

FDM ogres,
Have layers much like onions.
More donkey than Shrek