I brought the thing back
Something old and something new
Now give me bacon

A lot's changed since the last time I kept anything resembling a blog. I remember Facebook still being a new thing. My cousin had to twist my arm to sign up, insisting that it was the new cool internet hotspot, while I was still posting my teenage feelings on Xanga (edgier than Livejournal!), and all my online usernames began with "azn."

I'm still apologizing for that last bit.

Since then, I spent four years at MIT trying to find my way, then signed up for another unspecified number of years at Yale to continue trying to find my way. Now, I'm still building robots, engineering at a liberal arts college while resisting the urge to strangle undergrads when I TA.

I'd like to say that I resurrected this blog to write thoughtful and compelling pieces, providing a refreshing juxtaposition against the noisy internet static out there. But honestly, I just missed being snarky online and wanted to show off all the random shit I'm building nowadays.


PS - random, nonsensical haikus are kind of my thing nowadays. I may have to apologize for that in a few years too